Pearl Wine Co.

The New Orleans hub for small production wine, spirits and beer in our bar and shop!


Pearl’s Rose’ Release Party!

Saturday, March 25th


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**Please note massages on Mondays are postpone due to injury


Why did I open Pearl?

After living in California for seven years and returning home I wanted to bring a piece of my California Wine Country experience to New Orleans, the city I love. I do this to bring new and exciting wine, spirits and beer to our city and our state. That’s what it’s about. Discovering and finding wines worth fighting to bring to our state and sometimes the U.S. In the last three years, I have been committed to this mission and have been successfully bringing in new wines from France, South Africa and California.

Pearl is an experience. Each time someone visits we want them to learn something new. It doesn’t have to be incredibly intricate or extensive. It could be that we have a new rose’ in stock but people come to us because they want that experience they can’t get else where. In New Orleans, where can you go to buy a drink, fall in love and purchase it when you close out your tab at retail price?

This is Mid-City’s wine cellar. This is Mid-City’s largest selection of wine, liquor and beer. It’s one of the largest in the City and we are proud to curate our selection each and every day. We taste each wine before we bring it into the store. We research our beer to bring in only the ones we know will appeal to our customer base and we carefully select our liquors to focus on small production.

Pearl is not just a place, it’s an experience, an attitude, a hidden gem.

  • Monday: Noon to 10pm
  • Tuesday: Noon to Midnight
  • Wednesday: Noon to Midnight
  • Thursday: Noon to Midnight
  • Friday: Noon to Midnight
  • Saturday: Noon to Midnight
  • Sunday: Noon to 8PM



In the American Can Building

3700 Orleans Ave New Orleans, LA 70119

Free Parking!